Essays, Reviews and Interviews

The University at the End of the World, Popula, 2019.

Editorial: Courses of Nature, Junctions Journal, 2019.

Interview with Mirjam Kroker, Amsterdam Alternative, 2019.

Anthologising the Anthropocene, Glasgow Review of Books, 2018.

The World & the Woman: Meaning-Making in Gombrowicz’s Cosmos, Gorse Magazine (no. 7), 2016.

Millennial spectres: space, time and the haunting of modernity in Don DeLillo’s The Body Artist and Ali Smith’s Hotel World, Inquire Journal of Comparative Literature (4.2), 2015.


The Castle, Gutter Magazine 22, 2020.

Among the Pigeons, Sound of an Iceberg: New Writing Scotland, 2019.

Waterbeds: Five Fragments, The Grapevine Zine, 2016.

Mother Tongue, 3:AM Magazine, 2016.

Bluebeard 2.0, The Queen’s Head, 2015.

Fall, The Queen’s Head, 2015.

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