The World and the Woman

“If Cosmos is a book about man imposing meaning upon the chaotic otherness of the world, it is also obliquely aware that it is woman who most bears the burden of that imposition, a focal point for the desires and disgusts of whole cultures.”

The Rise of the Woman-Child

“Maybe the woman-child is a symptom of women’s dissatisfaction and disappointment after empty promises of power and ‘having it all’; maybe she’s a symptom of general millennial discontent and disaffection. Or maybe she’s a symptom of nothing at all but the gradual realisation that women, too, are full and multifaceted human beings who can sometimes be irresponsible dickheads.”

The Internet Effect

“The targeted outrage at this one particular person and her one particular £15,000, at its wastefulness or its pointlessness or its unfairness, is underpinned by a logic of austerity that isn’t good for artists or workers. It takes the anger generated by exploitation and alienation, and redirects it into anger at the undeserving, the frauds.”


“The thing about a film like Into the Wild is that it doesn’t even really notice it’s a film about a man, about maleness, about the kind of self-mythologising adventures men have always written about; it regards itself, to an extent, as a universal story about timeless struggles between Man and Nature and Society. A film like Wild, though, cannot evade its own specificity.”